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"Ministry-Oriented"events and programs receive church and staff attention and include anything receiving our church's budgeted funds.

"Building-Use Only" events will receive minimal church and staff attention, are not supported by the church budget, and are subject to building-use fees in accordance with our building-use policies.

Please discuss this event with the associated ministry director prior to submission.  The selected staff director(s) below will be emailed a copy of this request form and may follow up with you.

All submissions selecting "None" or "Other" will be emailed to Rev. Richard White, for an approval process.

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Please note that to be better stewards of our church's resources, large rooms may be reserved only for larger groups. Heating and cooling these spaces can be costly.

Is Room Set Up Required?*

For events using Katy First A/V equipment, our church requires a Katy First-trained A/V technician.  For simple events, the leader of the event can opt to have a volunteer trained by Katy First staff prior to the event.  For more technically involved events, Katy First will require a fee and will provide a staff A/V technician.

The fee is $30 per hour of the event with an addition $30 to cover the setting up and striking of equipment.

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+Events are not scheduled until an approval email is received from Laurie Leger, our Office Manager.