Confluence Worship

Due to Covid-19, Confluence is worshiping online only unless otherwise stated. Join us Sunday mornings at 9 AM on Facebook, Youtube, or our website

Digital Handout/Song Lyrics

Drive-In Service | Dec. 13 @ 10 AM

We'd love for you to join us for drive-in services this fall. All services will be held in the grass parking lot located on 4th street between Ave A and B. All our sound will come through your car radio, and you may choose to worship in your car or outside your car with a mask on. We would love to see you (really see you!) 

What is Confluence?

A confluence is the meeting of two rivers. In Brazil, there's a place where two rivers meet. They have dramatically different properties, and when they collide together it takes over three miles for two rivers to mix together. But when they do finally learn to mix together... something incredible forms. 

We call it the Amazon River. 

It's one of the most life giving rivers in our world. And yet, it comes from the confluence of two dramatically different rivers to make a new river. 

In short, it's a word image of what this service is about. It's a metaphor for the way God works in us, through us, and around us.

We believe we need a space where those outside the church are engaging with the life of the church. 

We believe we need a space where the sacred and secular in our lives intentionally meet. 

We believe we need a space where the tradition of our past meets today to create change for tomorrow. 

Confluence worship is where we meet and God does something incredible and beautiful, creating something new in us. 

Come join us!