Outdoor Campus Reservation

We are opening the fenced in area of the southeast corner of our playground, commonly known as the Pumpkin Patch, for reservation. Ministry groups of Katy First may choose to reserve this space for a one hour period.  

Our hope is that this may provide a space for small groups to have face-to-face interaction in a safe environment. At this time, no groups that are not a ministry of Katy First may reserve this area.

The following guidelines must be followed:

Outdoor Campus Policy 

To reserve the Pumpkin Patch area for your ministry groups, please fill out the form below. You will be contacted for confirmation of your reservation.  

Pumpkin Patch/Playground Small Group Meeting Request Form
Pumpkin Patch Reservation

Currently, only ministries of Katy First may reserve this space. Please indicate which ministry area you represent below. 

Person organizing or leading small group.

( )   -

Please indicate the Ministry that this small group is representing.

Meeting days are Sunday - Thursday.

Days are available Sunday - Thursday. If no second date is possible, enter the same date as your first request.

Meeting are limited to One Hour.

Max Occupancy
- 30 – social distancing required
- Social distancing and masks required
- No singing or person to person contact
- No indoor facilities can be used – including restrooms
- Temperature Scanner will be provided – All required to temperature scan on entry
- No shared food/drink/papers
-  One hour time limit