Adult Sunday School Classes

At this time, Sunday School classes are meeting both on campus and online.

Interested in visiting a group? There is a space for you! If you are interested in visiting a class, either on campus or online please email Mark at

Adult Classes

Education Bldg, Room #210
The Rejoice Class is on a quest to know Jesus Christ! We study scripture, discuss how biblical history relates to today’s world and seek to recognize how God is at work in real life events and experiences. This always involves stories, discussion, laughter and food!  Believing faith leads us into true love for others, we are active in mission, service and sharing our time and gifts with those in need. We "rejoice" because we believe that knowing Jesus and doing his work is the best life one can live! Come learn, love and laugh with us. Friends will be expecting you there! 

Family Life Center, Room #2004
A class geared toward young married couples who desire to grow closer to God through the study of His Word. Ages are 25-45, but all ages are welcome.  

Family Life Center, Room #1009
A class for singles and couples ages 18-40, this class discusses today's issues and looks to the Bible for reproof, correction and direction so that the person of God may be thoroughly equipped for God's work. 

Family Life Center, Room #2005
A class for all ages, the Chrysalis group has lively discussions surrounding topics and questions related to current events and scripture. The family environment of the class makes everyone feel comfortable to share their viewpoints and questions, which creates a great learning experience. It's a fun class and laughter isn't in short supply either! We would love for you to join us on any Sunday on the second floor of the Family Life Center. The extra bonus is that we also provide coffee and food! 

Family Life Center Room #1003
This class for all ages enjoys learning how to be better disciples in today's world.  Throughout the year, they study the Bible through different Christian authors.  As a mission-oriented group, they spend time and money helping and serving others.  
Family Life Center, Room #1005
This class for couples and singles of all ages studies the Bible through contemporary authors, with focus on specific books of the Bible. Highlights of this class are lively discussions, fellowship and regular social gatherings. Bring your prayer needs and pray with the class. 

Family Life Center, Room #1009 
A class for mature adults who study Cokesbury Adult Bible Studies. We are like family and welcome new members and visitors.

For more information about adult Sunday School classes, please contact Rev. Mark Kimbrough.