Update: Return to Campus

Reservations for 11AM Sanctuary Worship click here.

The Transition Task Force has been meeting and has completed our Final Plan. Thank you to our Transition Team members: Martha Aki, Barbara Chastain, Billy Cooke (chair), Hannah Kimbrough, Kathy McDonald, Jim Meek, Carol Minze, Julie Spier, and Don Tindall. Staff; Laurie Leger, Rev. Mark Kimbrough and Rev. Dick White.

Stay Connected

Ministries of Katy First can now reserve the Pumpkin Patch for outdoor small groups. To learn more or to reserve a spot, go here: www.katyfirst.org/reserve 

Worship Via Live Stream

You can live stream Worship every Sunday at 9:00 & 11 AM. We want to stay in touch, so please be sure to register your attendance and submit prayer requests online.

Give Online

While activities at our campuses are at a relative halt, the church has continuing obligations to staff, facilities maintenance, and outreach to those in need. Your gifts allow us to learn, live, give, and serve together, even at a distance. Your giving matters and we’re thankful for your generosity!