Ministry & Event Concept

Ministry & Event Concept Sheet


This Ministry & Event Concept Sheet is designed to help you to clarify the focus, discipleship potential, and goals of your ministry ideas. Our church receives new ministry ideas and non-ministry event requests in high volume. This form will also assist the staff and lay leaders in prioritizing ministry and event requests.

+ All submissions will be reviewed and approved by designated leaders, and you will receive a response in 2-3 weeks.

+ If approval is given, a Calendar & Facility Request Form needs to be completed in order to put the event on the church calendar, reserve a room, and request any appropriate audio/video support.

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Are you the contact person for this proposal?*

"Ministry-Oriented"events and programs receive church and staff attention and include anything receiving our church's budgeted funds. These events and programs are an expansion of the ministry of Katy First United Methodist Church and include outreach opportunities.

"Building-Use Only" events will receive minimal church and staff attention, are not supported by the church budget, and are subject to building-use fees in accordance with our building-use policies.

Both types of programs/events are subject to approval by our church leadership and "Ministry-Oriented" programs/events will be given priority.

This event is...*

Please discuss this event with the associated ministry director prior to submission.  The selected staff director(s) below will be emailed a copy of this Ministry & Event Concept Sheet and may follow up with you.

All submissions selecting "None" or "Other" will be emailed to Laurie Leger, Office Manager for an approval process.

Ministry Area & Related Staff Director*

Do you consider this a "MUST do", a "SHOULD do", or a "COULD do" for our church? *

Examples: "50 high school students in attendance at the event," "raising more than $2000 for scholarships," or "recruiting 12 more volunteers for our ministry." What specific quantifiable measurements will you use--as opposed to impressions, opinions, and anecdotal evidence?

Examples: "This is a one-time event," "Let's revisit this after it's over for next year," or " This is a three-year commitment to be ended or renewed after the third year."