Mission & Vision

Our Mission 

To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of our community and our world.

Our Vision

To be a welcoming and serving church that embraces the diversity of our community and the inclusion of all of God’s children, mobilized to address the specific needs of families, neighborhoods, and schools.

We see this as:

  • Embracing and reflecting the diversity our of community through the inclusion of all people in ministry.

  •  Awakening the spiritual gifts of all people for the good of others.

  • Developing a comprehensive discipleship pathway from birth to adulthood.

    • Empowering all people to be in ministry with and for children and youth through:

    • Partnering with families to develop the faith of children supported by a community of mature Christian disciples.

    • Strengthening our role as bridge builders into the community through church-partnership with local schools.

    • Catalyzing other churches in Katy to develop partnerships with local schools.