Sunday Worship - One Service @ 11 AM in the Sanctuary

We strive to be a welcoming and serving church that embraces the diversity of our community and the inclusion all of God's children, mobilized to address the specific needs of families, neighborhoods, and schools.


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Celebration Singer's Choir Tour

Choir Tour is headed to Arkansas this year! Click the image above to sign up for this year's Celebration Singer's Choir Tour.

Choir Camp

Choir Camp registration are now open. Click the image above to visit the TXCC website and register for this year's camp!


Calling all 1-6th graders! Join us for MADD (Music, Art, Drama, & Dance) Camp this year from July 29- August 2. Click the image above to register!


Join us September 14 for a Build-A-Bed workday with Sleep in Heavenly Peace. We will be building and delivering 55 beds for local families in need, and we'll need 75 volunteers to help make it happen! Find our more info and sign up to serve with us!

The Foundry Gathering

This half day event is for ALL people who call Katy First home and is designed to help train us as a church in areas of leadership, Wesleyan spiritual formation, and church mission/vision. This year we are planning on focusing on our communal life together as we explore - social holiness, social justice, reading scripture in community, and how to lead in a small group. Childcare is provided.

Join us for Lunch Bunch every 2nd Wednesday

Katy First UMC invites you to come together for a delightful lunchtime experience. The Lunch Bunch is a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends, enjoy delicious food, and build connections within our community. So mark your calendars and bring your appetite for good food and great company. We can't wait to see you there! For more information or to RSVP please contact Ruth at by clicking the above graphic.

the Healing Power of Traditional Worship

Step into a sanctuary of spiritual rejuvenation where ancient rituals intertwine with the rhythm of modern life. Amidst the gentle embrace of our sacred space, find solace in the timeless traditions that have guided generations. Let the soothing melodies of hymns and the comforting embrace of familiar liturgies wash over you, offering renewal and connection in a world that often feels fragmented.

Our progressive approach to traditional worship honors the wisdom of the past while embracing the transformative potential of the present. We recognize that spirituality evolves with the times, and so we strive to infuse our services with a sense of openness and inclusivity, welcoming all seekers on their journey of faith.

Join us as we walk the path of tradition, weaving its healing threads into the fabric of our evolving faith community. Together, let us explore the depths of sacred ritual and discover the boundless possibilities for growth and connection that await us in the sanctuary of worship.

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