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Lent & Easter

Lent is the six weeks that proceeds Holy Week and Easter. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, which calls us to remember our mortality and belovedness before God, we enter into a season that invites us to return to God, to seek forgiveness and freedom, and open our eyes once again to the power of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Our sermon series for Lent is entitled, "A Very Good God: Awakening to the Goodness of God." This series will look at the covenants and promises of God through scripture that have revealed to us God's goodness and culminates in the shocking and powerful hope of Jesus' death and resurrection. 

We will also be offering Lenten studies starting on February 20. More information about those studies and all our worship services can be found below. 

Lenten Studies

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Starting February 20 (*note Remember will be offered in the morning and evening)

Multiplying Love

Study Leader: Rev. Randy Smith
5 Weeks (Feb. 20 - March 19), Tuesday Evenings, 6 PM
Book for Purchase

Description: Multiplying Love will help us understand the heritage of the renewal movement begun by John and Charles Wesley and its emphasis on the continuing work of making growth in love of God and others the goal of the Christian life.

Remember: God's Covenants and the Cross

Morning Study Leader: Karen Morrison
6 Weeks (Feb. 20 - March 26), Tuesday Mornings, 9:30 - 11:30 AM

Evening Study Leaders: Marsha Cooke & Barbara Chastain
6 Weeks (Feb. 20 - March 26), Tuesday Evenings, 6 PM
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Description: This book focuses on the significance of God’s covenant with Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David. These four covenants are primary to our recognition of who Jesus is, how the covenants relate to the way in which he lived his life, his journey to the cross, his resurrection, and the institution of what the prophet Jeremiah described in his day as a new covenant. This study will focus on the power of God’s covenants not only throughout the Bible, but also God’s covenant with us! It will compliment our Lenten sermon series as well.

Slow Down, Do Less, & Live More

Study Leader: Rev. Mark Kimbrough 
5 Weeks (Feb. 20 - March 18), Tuesday Evenings, 6 PM
No Book Required

Description: This study will be practicing what we’ve preached in our sermon series. We will look at practices that help us slow down, find silence/solitude, reading scripture slowly, and simplicity.

For the Common Good

Study Leaders: Kay Psencik & Nancy Gorden 
5 Weeks (Feb. 20 - March 18), Tuesday Evenings, 6 PM
Book for Purchase

Description: God has blessed each of us with spiritual gifts. The phrase “spiritual gifts” is unique to Paul’s writings and the Greek word he uses is based on the word Charis, which means grace. So we are reminded that these gifts come from God’s grace and come to us unmerited and freely bestowed to help us grow in our own relationship with God and the Holy Spirit and to fulfill our call to discipleship and ministry. Through our study of the book, For the Common Good, we will explore the purpose of our Spiritual Gifts, spend time identifying our own Spiritual Gifts, and consider ways God has called us to use them to live the Great Commandment. We will host lively conversations, explore our one constantly connect with Scripture, to examine the unfolding Spiritual Gifts throughout our lives, the value of understanding them, and the call upon us to use them.

Starting February 18

Luke For Everyone

Study Leader: Carol Minze
10 Weeks (Feb. 18 - April 28), Sunday mornings, 9:45 AM

Description: Explore Jesus as teacher, healer and embodiment of compassion with renowned Bible scholar N. T. Wright. He unveils Luke’s gospel through an accessible translation and profound commentary, revealing its brilliance and historical importance. Luke for Everyone unveils one of early Christianity’s brilliant writings. Luke’s meticulous approach, conversation with key figures and examination of prior texts provide readers with the truth about Jesus. Luke, an educated historian, situates Jesus at the crossroads of the Jewish and Roman worlds of the first century. The inclusion of helpful summaries and thought-provoking questions makes Luke for Everyone an ideal companion for those seeking to explore the New Testament with fresh enthusiasm and profound insights.


Ash Wednesday  February 14 | Morning Imposition of Ashes, 6-7 AM | Evening Service, 7 PM

Sunday Worship  February 18 - March 24, 11 AM | Sermon Series: A Very Good God: Awakening to the Goodness of God

Maundy Thursday  March 28, 7 PM | Sanctuary

Good Friday  March 29, 7 PM | Sanctuary

Easter Sunday | March 31

Sunrise Service | 7 AM

Sanctuary Service | 11 AM


Easter Sunday

We'd love to spend Easter with you! Join us for a morning full of worship, joy, and celebration.

Lent Studies

During Lent, we have five new studies to deepen your faith and grow with others. Check out each study and pick out one that is right for you!

Pancake Supper

Join us for pancakes on Fat Tuesday! Donations are excepted and benefit the mission work of our United Methodist Women and Men.

Ash Wednesday

Join us on Ash Wednesday as we start this season of Lent. We will be offering morning imposition of ashes from 6-7 am in our courtyard. We will have an evening service with imposition of ashes as 7 PM.