Sunday Worship - One Service @ 11 AM in the Sanctuary

Children's Ministries

We are excited to offer Nursery, Children’s Sunday School, and Children’s Church every Sunday! Each week your child is invited to participate in these ministries:

Nursery – 10:30am to Noon – Located in the Education Building, Room 106. 

Your child will be greeted, invited to play with age-appropriate toys, and rocked and held by volunteer adults. Stories and songs about Jesus will be enjoyed. Please send preferred snacks and beverage with your child.  Plain Cheerios, water and apple juice will always be available. We will Register your child when you arrive, and will call your cell if your child needs you.  Generally, Nursery is recommended for children under three years old.

Sunday School – 9:30am to 10:45am –  Fellowship Hall

Children will move to classes in the Fellowship Hall and Education Building with teachers. Children and teachers will return to the Fellowship Hall for prayer and dismissal to parents. We are using curriculum from .  Age-appropriate games and activities will be a part of the fun!  Snacks will be offered.  We will have cheddar Goldfish crackers, Honey Teddy Grams, and Welch’s fruit  gummies each Sunday, and may offer other foods on occasion.  You can see our plans for the day at Registration. 

Katy First Kids – 11:00am to Noon – Check in at the Sanctuary Connection Area

Children are released from the Sanctuary service and escorted by adults to the Fellowship Hall. Children will participate in singing, dancing, and talking with Jesus.  They will read and hear scripture passages and participate in a short interactive message, based on the lesson.  We will pray together and offer praise.  After Worship children will be offered snacks and a time to play games or create art.  Each child needs to be Registered for Katy First Kids in the Connection Center of the Sanctuary or in the Fellowship Hall Kitchen. Please use stickers provided on the registration form. Activities will be appropriate for children three years old and older.  The oldest children will have the opportunity to serve as KIDS CREW assistants, working with the adults, if they are interested in doing so.  Parents are welcome to come and participate. 

You and your children are also welcome to experience worship together!  Children and their laughter and movement are WELCOME and enjoyed!  The Church Parlor and lobbies are available for brief time outs as needed, and you can still see and hear a broadcast of the service. 

If you are interested in serving in ministry with Children, please contact Kay Fenn at 2815076783.  Volunteer leaders, teachers, baby rockers, and activity directors are sought! 

Monday Funday Art & Song-Mondays after school!

For more information about Monday Funday Art & Song activities or to become a volunteer, please contact Barry Barrios

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