Sunday Worship - One Service @ 11 AM in the Sanctuary

everyone's welcome at katy first


Our goal is to foster a welcoming and authentic church community where every individual is valued and accepted in a warm and inclusive environment. We prioritize building genuine relationships with both members and visitors, and we strive to create a sense of community that extends beyond our Sunday services.

All the children big and small

In our children's ministry, we acknowledge that we do not possess all the answers and instead embrace the concept of collaborative learning. Our aim is to stimulate curiosity, encourage exploration, and invite questioning, rather than offering rote responses. Our ministry places high value on the distinctive perspectives and life experiences of every child and strives to establish a secure and accepting environment where they can express their thoughts and ideas without apprehension of criticism or exclusion. Our ultimate objective is to cultivate a feeling of togetherness and inclusion within the community, where children feel validated, appreciated, and encouraged.

Welcome to Katy First. A Place to belong.

Every Sunday we gather together as a community of friends and family.
Every Sunday we have a time of celebration with music, prayer, and a message. 

125 years of history 

The First United Methodist Church of Katy has a long history, dating back to 1898 when a group of Baptists, Disciples of Christ, Presbyterians, Quakers, and Methodists formed a Union Sunday school in the home of Willard James. Around 1900, the Methodists established their own fellowship, and the Reverend M. L. Lindsey was appointed as the first pastor of the congregation. He also served other Methodist churches on the Houston Circuit and was assisted by several early families of the church, including those of W. P. Bowers, J. E. Cabiness, E. M. Morton, and T. G. Roberts.

During the early years, lay members held worship services when the minister could not attend every Sunday. In 1903, the church secured land from W. E. and R. M. Cash and from L. C. Luckel, and the foundation for a frame church building was laid. The Methodist sanctuary was completed in 1904 during the pastorate of the Reverend E. W. Potter and was the first church building constructed in the town of Katy. It served the congregation until 1938 when a new sanctuary was built, and the current structure was completed in 1961.

Throughout its history, the First United Methodist Church of Katy has provided significant service and leadership to the community. The congregation continues to reflect the ideals and traditions of its founders.


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