Sunday Worship - One Service @ 11 AM in the Sanctuary

Grace and Action

You will find a people who put grace first and seek to live out their convictions with humility and love. Compassion and promotion of peace hold together a love of God and love of people, serving through meeting the needs of our community.

Inclusive and Open

Our call is to be inclusive of all God's children and to celebrate the diversity of our community, embracing the richness of our differences and fostering a community where everyone feels valued and respected. That looks like seeking intentional involvement and empowerment of people, where the inherent worth and dignity of all, based in the Imago Dei, is honored. Thoughtful exploration of faith and scripture is encouraged.

Tradition and Authenticity

We value the deep traditions of our faith, reverent thoughtful liturgies, and uplifting hymns. We prioritize authenticity and genuine expression, aiming to embrace the best of our tradition to be a wellspring of life for our modern moment.

A Word for the Disillusioned, Deconstructed, and Done

from Pastor Mark

We recognize and see that many people of good faith find themselves disillusioned, in faith deconstruction, or done with church and religion. I get it. Certainly, I've walked through many days like this myself. Maybe that's rooted in past experiences where harmful ideologies were present. Maybe that's rooted in deep theological convictions such as nonviolent atonement. Maybe spiritual or emotional manipulation has left you with broken trust. Or maybe it's frustration with the church not embodying the same love and grace that Jesus spoke of and embodied himself. In the past few years, we've experienced many things from pandemic, politics, and protest that have sparked a rethinking of faith and church. If you find yourself there, I want to say to you that we see you. We aren't a perfect church, but we do seek to live out a faith that we believe can help heal some of the wounds many of us might be carrying. You have a place here among us, and we'll be better for it.


All the children big and small

In our children's ministry, we acknowledge that we do not possess all the answers and instead embrace the concept of collaborative learning. Our aim is to stimulate curiosity, encourage exploration, and invite questioning, rather than offering rote responses. Our ministry places high value on the distinctive perspectives and life experiences of every child and strives to establish a secure and accepting environment where they can express their thoughts and ideas without apprehension of criticism or exclusion. Our ultimate objective is to cultivate a feeling of togetherness and inclusion within the community, where children feel validated, appreciated, and encouraged.

everyone's welcome at katy first