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Coping: A Workshop on Caring and Loving for Caregivers

April 16, 2024 9:30am

Contact: Ruth Glover


Ruth Glover, a Katy First member and author of the book Coping: The Many Faces of Love and Care, will be offering a one day workshop beneficial for anyone who is, or knows someone who is, caregiving for a loved one. She will explore the stories in her book that offer understanding, encouragement, and experience. 

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Contact: Ruth Glover,, 
Book can be purchased at:, or on Amazon at 

Hear from Ruth on her book:
"Do you have a friend coping with a difficult situation for a loved one? All of us know someone in need. Coping: The Many Faces of Love and Care, my latest book, may help you or a friend. It’s a short book. Who has time to read a 400-page “how-to” book if your loved one needs a ride to the clinic, the clothes are in the dryer, and the dog needs to see a vet? Most of the stories may be read while waiting in a doctor’s office. The book of stories about real caregivers offers understanding rather than the darkness of doubt and fatigue."

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