Sunday Worship - One Service @ 11 AM in the Sanctuary

Music ministry of Katy First United Methodist Church

Music and Worship Arts Ministry

At Katy First United Methodist Church, we believe in the power of and worship to foster meaningful connections. Beyond the melodies and harmonies, and the inspirational themes and teachings in worship, we value building strong relationships - with God and with each other! Please join us as we unite to worship, praise, and find spiritual inspiration through the universal language of music in our rehearsals and worship experiences. Together, we can create an atmosphere of love, harmony and unity, nurturing our faith and enriching our lives. We invite you to be a part of this incredible journey where music becomes a bridge to deeper connections and a closer relationship with the Divine. Led by Barry Barrios, Director of Music and Worship Arts, our music ministry proudly features the extraordinary talents of Organist / Pianist Lonnie W. Tanner, in addition to the many wonderful ensembles listed below.

Festival Choir

Our Festival Choir is a group of talented and passionate individuals who gather for rehearsals every Wednesday at 7 PM in the Choir Room. They lead with their musical gifts and talents during the 11:00 AM worship service, enriching the worship experience for the congregation encouraging passionate hymn singing and pleasing the listener with their response to the word during the signing of the offertory anthem each and every Sunday.

Celebration Singers Youth Choir

The Celebration Singers is our vibrant youth choir, bringing together young voices filled with energy and enthusiasm. They contribute their talents to our worship services and special events, adding a youthful spirit to our music ministry. This graded choir program features youth in 6th through 12th grades. This choir meets Sunday afternoons during the school year. 4:30 – 5:30 pm, Choir Room. The Celebration Singers lead in worship through the church year.

Musical Monday Funday Children's Choir

At Katy First United Methodist Church, we believe in nurturing the musical talents of our children. Our Children's Choirs, through the Musical Monday Funday ministry provides a wonderful opportunity for kids to explore and develop their musical skills while having fun and making friends. The afternoon 2-hour program consists of snack, playground, craft and music opportunities. This program runs from September through April, Monday afternoons, 3:30p – 5:30 pm, and the children sing in worship one to two times a month. The program features two choirs; The “Wee”joice Choir ages 4 years old through 1st grade. The Lighthouse Choir, 2nd,3rd, 4th and 5th grades.

MADD (Music, Art, Dance, Drama) Camp, Choir Camp, Youth Choir Tour

We value the importance of building a close-knit community within our music ministry. Choir trips offer opportunities for our members to bond, explore new places, and share Jesus Christ through musical presentations beyond the church walls. Additionally, our music, art camps and choir camps provide enriching experiences for individuals of all ages to learn, grow, and express themselves creatively.

The Sanctuary Ringers, The Ensemble Ringers

The Sanctuary Ringers is a 12 Ringer Inner-generational ensemble that rings in worship once a month September through May of the church year. Rehearsals are on Wednesday evening during these months from 6 pm – 7 pm, Bell Room. The Ensemble Ringers are a smaller group of ringers that provide music on a smaller scale!


The Worship Team

The worship team provides direction for our Sunday Morning Worship Services and Holy Services throughout the year. Their thematic approach connects all aspects of worship through visual arts, music arts, scripture, liturgy, and sermon themes. Their sole purpose is to provide life-changing worship experiences for everyone involved.

Please join us!

Whether you are an experienced musician or have never sung a note, there's a place for you in our music ministry. We invite you to join us in creating beautiful music, growing in faith, and forming meaningful connections with others. Feel free to reach out to our Music Director, Barry Barrios, for more information or come visit us during one of our rehearsals or worship services! There is a place for you.